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Webinar Funnel Template

Take the guesswork out of creating your own perfect webinar from scratch! Use Team Jaxx’s webinar funnel template to entice your audience and leave them in high anticipation of your upcoming webinar.

Case Study Funnel Template

Show off your amazing results with Team Jaxx’s tried-and-true case study funnel template, designed to spotlight client success and clearly demonstrate the pathway to achieving it.

Lead Magnet Funnel Template

Start your value ladder off on the right foot with our awesome lead magnet and tripwire funnel template - proven to intrigue audience members and encourage their ascent to your higher ticket programs.

...PLUS, easy-to-follow tutorial videos to implement and optimize your funnels for success!

Marley Jaxx

Jaxx Productions

From dialing in your company messaging to doubling down on video, it’s no wonder that Marley Jaxx’s breadth of knowledge has allowed her to become one of the top video branding leaders of our time.

As CEO of the renowned and rapidly growing video marketing agency known as Jaxx Productions, Marley never ceases to deliver pristine quality services to her clients and inspiring authenticity to her audience.

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